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CARGOROUND®has an extensive service portfolio in order to meet your requirements:

technical solutions and design consultations for extraordinary or customized applications
delivery and assembly of the basic module
general coordinating manager of the whole  facility (planning, securing of building permits,  supervising initial start-up/operations)
24-hour service

aussenansichtCARGOROUND® itself can be installed completely
underground. Instead of expensive, ugly and
dangerous ramps, that have to be heated in winter, CARGOROUND® merely needs the space of a
garage above ground, that can easily be integrated
into a beautiful park or a building.


CARGOROUND® is not only an innovative storage
System; CARGOROUND® can be used as a showroom as well. Present your vehicles, furniture, boats, trucks in an innovative way. Stay ahead of your competitors and save valuable land in the process. In the past the client obtained most information about a product inside the showroom. Today the client is often well informed (usually through the internet) and is looking for a specific car. He/She is only interested in “trying out the seat” and then making the deal. Too many choices are more likely to confuse customers and make decisions unnecessarily complicated.
With CARGOROUND® AUTOHOHAUS 3000® you have a platform for your product. Clients can be directed to the best product. You decide which products are offered to the client.
Exhibition buildings can now be conceived as never before possible. 400 m2 (4300 ft2) are enough to raise a multi-story building to show e.g. 80 cars.

We are looking forward to new challenges and to developing your custom solution together » contact

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Extraordinary – The advantages of CARGOROUND®:

requires less space: approx. 18 m2  (200 ft2) per car,   vs. 25 m2 (270 ft2) per car in regular car parks
less expensive than conventional parking garages
requires no ventilation or illumination
unlimited possibilities for exterior design
shields cars from heat, rain, frost and snow
keeps cars and building interior clean

air conditioning available, allowing storage of perishable items



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