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the basic module of CARGOROUND® consists of a large turntable with segments where cars can be parked or goods stored.
in a multi-storied version an elevator lifts the cars/goods up and stores them. Turntable and elevator allow for faster storage and access.

diameter: min 15 m (50 ft)

story height of approx. 2,50 m (8 ft) can vary depending on the goods
maximum number of stories depending on structural
properties of custom design, as well as speed

multi-story applications with at least one elevator

also available as a hydraulic tower.

one story cylinder system at ground floor available as turntable


CARGOROUND® offers clients and planners a wide range of design possibilities. Almost any material can cover the tube. From modern to classical, from glas, wood to metal. Whether round, following the plan, or rectangular, organic or octagonal, CARGOROUND® can be eye-catching or “hidden” behind a protected historical facade. Use CARGOROUND® as an advertising medium or a neon sign. Climbing plants like ivy can also be used in order to change appearance of facility. CARGOROUND® offers an intelligent alternative to conventional parking garages, parking lots or storage buildings.




Extraordinary – The advantages of CARGOROUND®:

requires less space: approx. 18 m2  (200 ft2) per car,   vs. 25 m2 (270 ft2) per car in regular car parks
less expensive than conventional parking garages
requires no ventilation or illumination
unlimited possibilities for exterior design
shields cars from heat, rain, frost and snow
keeps cars and building interior clean

air conditioning available, allowing storage of perishable items



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